The Silver Beaver Association

The Silver Beaver Association of the Southwest Florida Council is a fellowship of Silver Beaver recipients, whose purposes include providing camperships for deserving Scouts, supplying funds for needed projects at both of the council’s camps, subsidizing the cost of the Silver Beaver awards to new recipients, nominating worthy individuals to receive this prestigious award, and providing vital Scouting leadership at the unit, district and council levels. The Silver Beaver Association was created by an action of the Council Executive Board on September 12, 2006.

Another important goal of the Association is to foster a sense of fellowship among Silver Beaver recipients by perpetuating a sense of history, continuity and identity for both the recipients themselves and the Association.

Fund Raising

Funds are raised from the sale of association patches and association shirts along with the annual collection of dues. Only Silver Beaver recipients may wear the association patch on their uniform in place of the regular council shoulder patch as authorized by the action of the Council Executive Board. The price of association patches is $10/patch. 

The association also has association shirts that feature a Silver Beaver logo and association wording.   These are available on a pre-order basis in both gray and royal blue in most sizes; these are available only to association members for a price of $35/shirt.

Dues are $10/year per member. All memberships expire on June 30 of each year and are renewable annually. Newly awarded Southwest Florida Council Silver Beavers will receive a complimentary first year membership in the Association. Dues can be paid either at any of the OA fellowships or else by sending a check to the council office made payable to the Silver Beaver Association/SWFC.

Membership Form

Please click on the attached link. Please mail the completed membership form and a check as described above to Marvin Thomas as listed below.

Patch Archive

The patch pictured at the top of this section is the currently authorized patch, featuring the green border, the panther and silver beaver award and the blue-white-blue trefoil. This is available for $10/patch plus postage if needed. They can also be purchased at the OA fellowships or at Council Executive Board meetings.

Original Association Patch    



This original patch featured a silver border and a red trefoil. It is the original patch that was authorized for uniform wear by Silver Beaver holders only. It is currently out of production.

Original Trader Patch


This patch was done in the green border, and could be purchased by anyone, but it could not be worn on the uniform. It was intended for trading or memento purposes. It is currently out of production.

Questions, Information

 If you have any questions or need information, please call Marvin Thomas at 941-486-5360 or contact him at : His address is 920 Tamiami Trail S., # 150, Venice, FL 34285.

Silver Beaver Recipients:


Year  Name
1931 Daniel L. Thorpe, Sr.
1931 Ernest L. Prior 
1931 Grover C. Persons
1931 William T. Harrison, Sr.
1932 George T. Blakely 
1932 Richard Dean
1933 L.D. Roberts
1934 Paul Bergman
1934 W. A. Neal
1937 George B. Gallup
1938 Frank Stewart
1939 Albert L. Yam 
1940 Chesley F. Perry
1941 Arthur Esthus
1941 Fred Gould
1942 J. Bryan Fugate
1943 Walter N. Munroe 
1944 George Judd
1946 Thomas Burgess
1948 Dr. Luther B. King
1949 George K. Page
1949 Martin J. O'Neil
1950 C. Rowland Shannon 
1952 Fred L. Bettertib
1952 Harry D. Thorsen, Jr.
1952 Walter D. Moody 
1953 U. S. Cleveland
1954 Chester Armstrong 
1955 Jack O' Neil
1956 Ben Satzman
1956 Ralph Lawrence 
1957 Alfred Siegrist 
1958 Dr. Kathel Kerr
1958 Hugh Clayton 
1959 C.S. Bridenbaugh, Jr.
1959 John Justice
1959 Luther Vogel
1960 Allen W. Mathis
1960 Clarence Harvey
1960 Dr. James Goodyear
1960 LeRoy Horst
1960 Philip Nuss
1961 Herbert Braren
1961 James Spencer 
1961 James Wallace
1961 Robert M. Knoles
1961 Romeo Bedard
1961 Van Hisey
1962 C. P. Bennett
1962 Charles Tonkin 
1962 Millard D. Crowell
1962 William G. Price
1963 David Blake
1963 Dr. Leo P. Herbert
1963 Richard Hinze
1963 Wilburn Leonhardt
1964 Bob Lowell
1964 George Sanders
1964 Herb Rowe 
1964 J.M. Williamson
1964 Robert P. Dunham
1964 William Day
1964 William Grove
1965 Doug Gomm
1965 Fried Riegerl, Jr.
1965 J.W. Carrington 
1965 Jim Oswald 
1965 Melvin Bates
1966 Dale McDowell
1966 E.L. Pope, Jr.
1966 Nicholas Poulous
1966 Robert McCollough
1967 B. Sodaker
1967 Charles E. Jung
1967 G. M. Warfield 
1967 Jack Westfall
1968 Gene Trapnell
1968 Ralph Hart
1968 Richard O' Neill
1968 Robert E. Hensley 
1969 C. William Hoffman 
1969 Dr. Abbott Kagan
1969 Fr. B. B. King
1969 Louis Suter 
1969 Raymond E. Fain 
1969 Raymond Skinner
1969 Thad Taylor 
1969 William H. Bundy 
1970 George Brantley 
1970 Harry McVay 
1970 Philip Evans
1971 Dr. W. Harry Hunn
1971 Kirk Walker 
1971 Lee Walker 
1971 May Thorson 
1972 Fred Shattuck 
1972 Lyman Burch 
1972 William Goodall
1973 Bert Vamadore
1973 Don Thyer
1973 Donald S. Freeto 
1973 Evelyn Ballantine
1973 Franz A. Fideli
1973 John Scheb
1973 L.D. Bochette
1973 Mary Fisher
1974 Bill Sell
1974 Edward Asbury 
1974 Howard Ettinger
1975 Benjamin C. Pratt
1975 Charles Early 
1975 Charles Geitz 
1975 Don Craig
1975 Dr. William Thompson
1975 Edgar A. Rohan 
1975 Fred Edenfield, Jr.
1975 Helen Bailey
1975 Jim Eckberg 
1975 Joseph Burgess
1975 Michael DiMeglio
1975 Sam Welborn 
1975 Wilson Starnes, Jr. 
1976 Fred Enenfield, Sr. 
1976 Harold "Pappy" Guyton 
1976 John DeForge
1976 John E. Price
1976 Mike Sovan 
1976 Ray King 
1976 William Dover 
1977 Barton Harrison 
1977 John Graves 
1977 Joseph Bella
1977 Paul K. Page 
1977 Rev. A. Waldo Farabee
1977 Samuel Bailey 
1977 Van H. Brown 
1978 Emanuel A. Zajic
1978 Frederick Maurer
1978 Joseph Arlt 
1978 Mary Ann Clark 
1978 Reid H. Laney 
1979 Abe Samsky
1979 Gordon Fore
1979 Kenneth Foster
1979 Warren Nabb
1980 I. Welch Whitesell
1980 Lawrence O' Ferrell
1980 R. S. Timberlake, Sr.
1980 The Rev. R.W. Turner, III
1980 Willard Brasgaila
1981 Allen F. Decker 
1981 Casey Jankowski
1981 Ken Bolman
1981 Olen Berry
1981 Paul D. Burson 
1981 Philip Mitchell 
1982 Charles Levan 
1982 Dr. Louis Moore
1982 J. Bryan Putman 
1982 James W. Tracy 
1982 Paul B. Flynn
1982 Peg Pigott 
1983 Cathy Shiel
1983 Edward Armstrong
1983 George Williams 
1983 Ivan Davis
1983 Malcolm W. Schroeder
1984 Alan Adams
1984 Diane Davis
1984 Garry Swain 
1984 Gerald White 
1984 L. Ronald Johnson 
1984 Monte Siedel
1984 Robert Phillips 
1984 Z. Ray Alderman
1985 Allen R. Thomas 
1985 B. L. "Cap" Pratt
1985 Brandt G. Watson 
1985 Gordon "Skip" Jolly
1985 Martin E. Owens, II
1985 Tom H. Youngblood
1985 William Granger 
1986 Charlie Sample 
1986 H. Frank Powers
1986 Jack Wilihite
1986 Phyllis Friedmann
1986 Richard Dickman, Sr.
1986 Robert Carpenter
1986 William Carman 
1986 William F. Burgess
1987 Gale Findley
1987 Howard Loadman, Jr.
1987 Max Furbringer 
1987 Richard Olson
1987 Thomas C. Shields
1988 Don Cahill
1988 Donald Pattison
1988 Gerry Hill
1988 Ron Ward
1988 Ronald Green 
1988 Sam A. Idelson 
1988 T. W. Miller 
1989 Bob Motl
1989 Edward Kostelak
1989 Jack Stauffer
1989 Mike Carroll
1989 Paul Gunther-Mohr
1989 R. Wayne Gifford 
1989 Robert Weiler 
1989 William T. Pinney
1990 Donald R. Barber 
1990 Eugene Harrison 
1990 Gordon H. Coffman 
1990 Harold Sicks
1990 John B. Davis
1990 Nerissa A. Kania
1990 Orrie Paller
1990 William B. Newman
1990 William T. Harrison 
1991 Charles Bonham
1991 Charlotte Newberry 
1991 Don Johnson
1991 Irene Hegedus
1991 Larry Rosamond
1991 Maurice Barton 
1991 Robert Lastomirsky 
1992 Barbara Barton
1992 David R. Horner 
1992 Dr. David G. Robinson 
1992 James W. Wilson 
1992 Jay Mathews
1992 Richard Fore
1992 Ronald J. Inman 
1992 Scott Ridener 
1992 Steven C. Shimp
1993 Don Peet 
1993 Harriet Myers
1993 Larry Tschantre
1993 Marilyn J. Barton 
1993 Richard C. Grant 
1993 Robert Carpenter
1994 Arlene Bancroft
1994 Chuck Donelson
1994 Dick Klein 
1994 Mason M. Aldrich 
1994 Robert A. Kulchar, Jr.
1994 Roger Waltemyer
1994 William M. Ross
1995 Boddy J. Lamb 
1995 Bruce W. Dietch 
1995 Burnham R. Cooper
1995 Dan Lima
1995 Dominic F. Scutti 
1995 Jon R. Thompson
1995 Judy Aldrich
1995 Marshall "Bud" Johnson 
1995 Michael J. Baldwin 
1995 Ralph Hauser
1995 Robert E. Perkins
1995 Robert H. Curry
1995 Robert M. Dunning 
1995 Terry Garner 
1996 Bruce Elaine Waltemyer 
1996 David Bakun 
1996 Donald B. Donaghy, Jr.
1996 Donald L. Hughes
1996 James E. Goodall
1996 Kevin T. Smith 
1997 Gayle Banks
1997 Jeffrey W. Smith 
1997 John S. Chrzczonowski
1997 Linda L. Keene
1997 R. David Isley 
1997 Steven R. "Rusty" Whitley 
1997 Tracy L. Lima
1998 Donald R. Coffman 
1998 James Wayne Bailey 
1998 Jerry Lee Scott 
1998 Marvin Thomas 
1998 Priscilla Craig 
1998 Shirley D. Berry 
1998 Terry Anderson 
1998 William E. Stewart, Jr.
1999 Dennis D. Mouser
1999 Doreen "Doddie" Ranney
1999 Hubert Toney, Sr.
1999 Steve L. Logsdon 
1999 T. J. Payne
1999 Thomas F. Orthman
2000 Albert "Al" Slickers, III
2000 Brad J. Ranney 
2000 Daniel L. LeClair
2000 Gino Ferranti
2000 James E. Toale 
2000 Steven H. Pontius
2000 Vivian "Jackie" Hauser
2001 Gustave Fruauff
2001 Janice Dentler
2001 Jeff Belle
2001 Laurie Belle
2001 Lawrence Litt
2001 Richard Kagy
2001 William Szczepkowski
2002 Bruce A Cutler 
2002 F. Edward Maassen 
2002 Gary Hoyt 
2002 Gary R. Bull 
2002 Lynne Ulrich Benson 
2002 Margi B. Nanney 
2002 Peter Kleist 
2002 William "Bill" E. Coen 
2003 Christine M. Young 
2003 Herbert "Skip" Johnson, Jr.
2003 James Fetterman 
2003 Jay Holbrook
2003 Judy M. Johnson 
2003 William "Bill" Buschner 
2004 Angela "Ange" Martin 
2004 Barbara Coen 
2004 Calvin "Chris" Connerton 
2004 Don Hall
2004 Jerry Moser
2004 Tyrone Shinn 
2005 Barbara A. Schropp
2005 Kim Glascott 
2005 Rick Langford
2005 Steve Martin
2005 Van Henry 
2006 Danny Schultz
2006 Ed Miller 
2006 Gary Johnson
2006 Joanne Fruauff
2006 Tom Baker
2007 Frank Bower
2007 John Hendricks
2007 John J. Vetri, Jr. 
2007 John Wolf 
2007 Steven J. Rees 
2007 William "Bill" H. Poteet, Jr.
2008 Barbara Rippy
2008 Jim Meerpohl
2008 Rebecca Randolph
2008 Todd Greene, Sr.
2008 Wayne Jones
2009    Robert Hillman
2009 Mike Acosta
2009 Dana Narring
2009 Dr. Robert Pritt
2009 Chris Lombardo
2009 Bob Clarke
2009 Richard Randolph
2010       Harry "Skip" Bibbee Jr.
2010 Ken Engler
2010 Wendy Langford
2010 Debi Ryan
2010 Paul Dustin
2010 Charlie Scholten
2011       Eric Bodley
2011 Tim Gissal
2011 Justine Gonzalez
2011 Jim Tate
2011 Jim Theilen
2011 Gyla Wise
2012 William "Bill" Barbuto
2012 Deanna Bickford
2012 Lori Laumeyer
2012 Col. B.J. "Red Dog" Maynard
2012 Ferd Thompson
2013 Tom Birch
2013 Art Coon
2013 Stephen Palmieri
2013 Gilbert J. Smith, Jr.
2013 Stanley Wise
2014 Javier Aristimuno
2014 Robert Cuthbert
2014 Mary Fischer
2014 Bruce Hassy
2014 Scott Moore
2014 Stephen Thompson
2015 Andy Devlin
2015 David Dignam
2015 William Kocses
2015 Brett Thomas


Out of Council    
Name Council Year
Cathey Barbour Gulf Stream Council, FL 1990
Bill Crowe         Green Mountain Council, VT  2000
Chuck Donelson   Stonewall Jackson Council, VA  1992
Waldo Farabee     North Florida Council, FL   1974
Harry Hansen       Morris-Sussez Council, NJ  1987
David Jones Rockland Council, NY 1980
Mike Lyster  
Dieter Philippi       
Rainbow Council, IL 
Springfield, OH


Gerry Reiff           Greater Cleveland Council, OH   1983
Robert Reiff          Greater Cleveland Council, OH   1994

The nominating process for the Silver Beaver Award ends October 31.  Questions? Contact Lori Laumeyer at: or at the Council Service Center.

 Nomination Form 


  History of the
Silver Beaver

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest award that a local council can present to a volunteer Scouter. The award is made to registered Scouters of exceptional character upon the recommendation of the local council and with the approval of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America for noteworthy service to youth.

The award was established in 1931 by the then-National President Mortimer L. Schiff who was impressed with the success of the Silver Buffalo awards program, for service to youth and Scouting on the national level.

The Silver Beaver Award consists of a miniature Silver Beaver suspended from a blue-white-blue ribbon. The qualities of this ribbon and its colors are equally the qualities of those who are to receive this award. The ribbon is strong and closely woven and must support the beaver itself. So, too, must these recipients be strong in purpose and character, in devotion to Scouting and all boyhood, and in the love of adventure and the out-of-doors.


The color blue has long denoted a faithful, genuine, sterling or “true blue” character. Those being honored here exemplify these qualities: faithfulness to the Scout Oath and Law, particularly the portion which says “to help other people at all times,” faithful to the Scouting movement, and genuine in the interest in youth and in the making of future citizens.

The color white has stood for fairness, straight-forward conduct and honorable behavior. These qualities are all found in the Oath and Law which these Scouters exemplify: fairness in dealing with both adults and young people, straight-forwardness of purpose, and the first two parts of the Scout Law: Trustworthy and Loyal.

The beaver is a gregarious animal. Likewise, these Scouters do not live and work alone, but in the company of other volunteers, youth members and their peers who have come to look upon them as truly worthy of this award.

The use of silver for this award also has significance. Silver is used in the depiction and manufacture of Scouting’s highest youth award, that of Eagle Scout. It is also used in the Silver Eagle Palm, the Silver Antelope and Silver Buffalo awards, and was previously, but not currently, used in the coloring and manufacture of the highest volunteer and professional position patches within the Scouting movement.

For many years, previous past recipients of the Silver Beaver were male. But in recognition of the service of women to Scouting, the Silver Fawn Award was created and presented as the comparable award for female Scouters. The Silver Fawn Award was presented between the years of 1971-1974, but was then discontinued in favor of the Silver Beaver Award being presented to Scouters of both sexes.

Currently, each council is authorized to present one award for each sixty Scouting units registered.





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