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Advancing from Life to Eagle Scout

The Process and Forms

Congratulations on taking on the challenge of becoming an Eagle Scout, a distinction that will stay with you for a life time.  Since 1912, the Eagle Scout Rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment - perhaps without equal - that is recognized across the country and even the world.

The most current Guide to Advancement is the official Source for administering advancement in all Boy Scouts of America programs.  Summary:

  • Complete All the Requirements ( Confirm that the following requirements have been completed before the 18th birthday: merit badges, service project, active participation, Scout spirit, position of responsibility, and unit leader conference. Note that the unit leader (Scoutmaster) conference need not be the last item accomplished. The board of review may be conducted after the 18th birthday. 
  • Prepare the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook ( Scouts must use the current Service Project Workbook
  • Complete the Application ( The Scout must complete the official Eagle Scout Award Application.
  • Obtain Required Signatures ( The unit leader and committee chair signatures represent approval for the candidate to move on to a board of review. In providing them, the signers carefully check the application. It may be helpful to compare the application to the Scout’s current advancement profile obtained through the BSA system or to a printout obtained from the local council service center. 
  • Submit to District Advancement/Eagle Board Chair( A copy should be made of the application; service project workbook; the Scout’s statement of ambitions and life purpose; and listing of positions, honors, and awards.
  • Council Verifies Application and Board of Review Scheduled ( Everything is checked against council records. If information in the BSA system or council files is incomplete, the Scout or the unit will be asked to provide certificates, blue cards, or other suitable proof that merit badges and ranks were earned and that dates are accurate. The regular use the of BSA Internet portal for reporting advancement will help expedite this process. If everything is correct, the council provides a verification signature, files a copy of the application, and sends the original with the service project workbook and other items (such as reference letters received) to the board of review chair or other designated volunteer. The board should be scheduled only after the council-verified application is received.
  • References Contacted ( Council advancement committee members—or others designated—have the responsibility to secure recommendations from the references appearing under requirement 2 on the Eagle Scout Rank Application. 
  • Application Returned to Council Service Center ( If a board of review approves a candidate, the signed application, reference letters, and any information that might be considered confidential are returned to the local council. Unless otherwise directed, the service project workbook and statement of ambitions and life purpose (requirement 7, Eagle Scout Rank Application) can be returned to the Scout. 
  • Council Sends Application to National Advancement Team (  
  • National Advancement Team Returns Credentials ( The National Advancement Team validates all applications received. In keeping with established policy, the Eagle Scout rank is earned when the candidate’s award has been approved by the National Council.  Then the National Distribution Center generates the credentials and prints, packages, and mails the certificate, pocket card, and congratulatory letter to the council. Applications sent for manual processing go to the National Advancement Team and take several weeks to complete. Upon receipt of the Eagle credentials, council service center personnel will alert unit leadership immediately. The Eagle Scout should immediately verify that their name is spelled correctly.
  • Eagle Scout Court of Honor  Once the official documents are received at the council, the Scoutmaster will be notified and the planning of the Eagle Court of Honor will begin. 

District Eagle Chairs

Alligator District Eagle Information

Manatee District Eagle Information

Panther District Eagle Information

Two Rivers District Eagle Information


Find the most current forms at www.scouting.org/advancement for:

  • Application for Alternation Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges
  • Belated Eagle Scout Rank Application
  • Eagle Scout Rank Application
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  • Individual Scout Advancement Plan
  • Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank

Verify Name on Eagle Scout Certificate
After you receive your Eagle Scout Certificate, you have 60 days to contact the council if there are any errors,  After the 60 days, there is a $15 charge to make corrections.  Send corrections to Debi Ryan at:  Debi.Ryan@scouting.org.

Journey to Excellence
Every Eagle Scout service project must be registered on the Journey to Excellence website.  For additional information, contact Debi Ryan at: Debi.Ryan@scouting.org





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