How do I find a Scouting unit or join?

Congratulations on your decision to register your child in a Scouting program! By doing so, he or she will have a lot of fun – while being challenged to develop leadership skills in an environment that stresses the importance of moral and ethical behavior.

Parents, a few reminders:

  • Scouting is a volunteer run program, you will be asked to participate in some way.

  • If your son is in the first grade through fifth grade (or 7, 8, 9, and 10 years of age), he will join a Cub Scout pack (boys who have finished Kindergarten can join in June as Tiger Cubs),

  • If your son is 10 years old and has completed the fifth grade, or is at least 11 and not yet 18 years old, he may join either a Boy Scout troop or Varsity Scout team (must be at least 14 but not yet 18 to join Varsity Scouts),

  • If you son or daughter is at least 13 (and has completed the eighth grade) and not yet 21 years of age, he or she may join a Venturing crew or Sea Scout ship.

Parents will complete and sign a Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturing registration form for their child after meeting the unit leader.

Before you do anything, visit the link below to find a unit near you.  Then call the Council Service Center and we will provide contact information for that unit for you. 

Find a local unit NOW!