About Scouting

There is a way to dramatically improve a child�s chances of making better choices, succeeding in life and becoming a leader. And, he or she can do it all while having a whole lot of fun! You don�t have to look any further � you�ve found it, here in Scouting. (Yes, we meant to say �she� earlier.  Click here and read the part about �Venturing�)

There are many youth organizations, including sports, service clubs, fitness and educational programs. We salute them all for the work they do to help young people. But Scouting goes above and beyond, providing programs and activities that:

  • allow boys to try new things,
  • provide service to others,
  • build self-confidence, and
  • reinforce ethical standards.

Scouting is filled with fun, adventure and values that last a lifetime. Men who were Scouts five or more years as boys are more likely than men with no Scouting experience to:

  • Graduate from high school (91% versus 87%)
  • Graduate from college (35% versus 19%)
  • Earn higher annual household incomes ($80,000 versus $61,000)
  • Have lifelong friendships (89% versus 74%)
  • Attend religious services (87% versus 77%)
  • Believe helping others should come before one�s own self-interest (92% versus 83%)

Scouting is a year- round program and youth can join any time.  However, the fall is when most new members are recruited.

If you�re worried about how much Scouting costs, take heart; we design our program so that money should never keep a young person from taking part. You can read more about it in "How much does Scouting Cost?". 

Scouting has a lot of special titles and terms, and while no one ever had fun with �titles and terms� there is some terminology you should learn � and it�s covered in "Learn to Speak Scouting".

If you have questions please click on the �Contact Us� button. We will do our best to help you.



The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.


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