The Southwest Florida Council's Leadership

2018 COUNCIL OFFICERS:                                                        
David Dale - President
Tyrone Shinn- Treasurer
Leon Goldsmith - Council Commissioner
Jim Pilon - Council Attorney

Greg Graham - Scout Executive/Secretary

2018 VICE PRESIDENTS:                                                             
Tyrone Shinn - Finance
Bill Coen - District Operations
Mike Lyster - Endowment
Judge Josephine Gagliardi - Membership
Jim Thielen - Program
Gary Hoyt - Physical Resources
David Dignam - Strategic Planning/Marketing
David Verinder - Governance and Leadership
Dominic DiMaio - At Large

2018 DISTRICT CHAIRMEN:                                                         
Sheriff Kevin Rambosk - Alligator 
                                       - Manatee 
                                       - Panther 
 Chuck Donelson           - Two Rivers


Joe  Barbetta
Bob Clarke
Bill Coen
Dave Dale
Andrew Devlin
David Dignam
Dominic DiMaio
Chuck  Donelson
Pete Doragh
Jim Fetterman
Mary  Fischer
Judge Josephine Gagliardi
Joe Glowacki
Leon Goldsmith
Gary Hoyt
Daniel Love
Mike Lyster
Blair McVety
Steven Nisbet
Jim Pilon
Steve Pontius
Bill Poteet
Sheriff Kevin Rambosk
Lem  Sharp
Tyrone Shinn
Judge Gilbert Smith
Jim Theilen
Marvin Thomas
Tom Uhler
David Verinder
Jim Wilson



















The Council is guided by
the volunteer
Executive and Advisory Boards.

These men and women help to
plot the course of all our
Scouting programs!