Weekend Camping & Facility Rental

SWFC Unit Policy Guide for Aquatics, Climbing & Shooting Sports

The Southwest Florida Council operates two camps that can be used throughout the year.  Camp Flying Eagle located on the Little Manatee River in Bradenton and Price Sanders Scout Reservation located on the Cecil B. Webb Wildlife Management Area in Punta Gorda. 

Whether you are part of a Scouting unit, a community organization or a business our camps are a great place to visit.  Our camp reservations include campsites, shelters, program areas, shooting ranges, COPE/Climbing, aquatics and more!   The booking of these facilities is all processed through the online reservation systemBecause of the high demand of our facilities, we require all reservations to be made online with at least 2 weeks notice.  Some reservations, such as those for COPE/Climbing, shooting range or aquatics require a 30 day notice.  As you make your camp reservation, camps or facilities may not be available on certain dates due to council or district programs, holidays, weather, or in the case of Price Sanders Scout Reservation; hunting season.  

For questions concerning OUTSIDE GROUP facility rentals or special programs, please contact Bruce Hassy, Director of Camping & Activities at:  239-936-8072 ext. 117 or Bruce.Hassy@scouting.org.

Making Camp Reservations is Easy!

1.  Determine the needs of your group, the dates you are looking for and what activities you would like to do.  Have the name, email, and
     phone number on hand for the unit leader who will be attending with the group.  Also, have a good idea of the adult head
     count and youth head count.  Once you have completed your reservation; you will need to bring a copy with you to camp to check in.

2.  Review the Camp Guidelines for specific camp facilities and policies.  Cancellation/Refund Policy - Please notify us
     immediately.  A weekend reservation may be cancelled and the rental fee refunded provided notification is received at least 3 days
     prior to the scheduled date of usage. If a unit cancels a weekend reservation with less than a 3 days notice, a refund or rescheduling is
     subject to approval. If weather (or other emergency) conditions should require that the camp be closed, units will be offered the option
     of rescheduling for another weekend or receiving a refund. There are no refunds or changes of dates for “no shows”.  All
     correspondence should be emailed to the Council Office Manager Lori Laumeyer at:  Lori.Laumeyer@scouting.org

3.  Review the SWFC Unit Policy Guide for Aquatics, COPE/Climbing and Shooting Sports for activities your unit may want to do.  It is
     the unit's responsibility to have leaders with CURRENT CERTIFICATION cards on hand for the Shooting Sports, Aquatics
     and COPE Program areas if reserved for the weekend.  NO CERTIFICATION CARDS = NO ACCESS TO PROGRAM AREAS
Unit Swimming Pool Use at Camp Miles or Flying Eagle - a unit must have at least one individual currently certified in BSA
     Swim & Water Rescue
or BSA LifeGuard (Certification # Card Required when making reservation & upon arrival at camp)
Additionally, there must be 1 adult lookout for every 10 youth and the adults should have completed the on-line Safe Swim Defense

4.  PLEASE NOTE:  When making reservations for program areas (ie: shooting sports, aquatics, etc.) and fees are included  
     AND you are scheduling for more than 1 2-hour block of time split the number of attendees up between the two blocks of time. 
     If you enter the same numbers twice, you could be responsible for your unit paying double the cost.

5.   Review the facility fees. All fees for the use of camp and its facilities are due 7 days prior to arriving at camp.  Payment may be made
      online at the time your reservation is made, or by mailing it to the Council Service Center in Ft. Myers.

6.  Once you have entered your entire reservation into the system, PLEASE review it before you click on the MAKE PAYMENT / SAVE
     button on the SIDE of the payment page.

7.  Once you have made your reservation and you have any changes, please email Lori Laumeyer as soon as possible.  If you are 
     looking to add to your camping experience by adding additional program areas, please access the camp reservation system to confirm
     the areas that are available to you.

8.  Click on one of the camp links below to search dates for facility availability.  

 The camp is approximately 165 acres of densely wooded area on the Manatee River.  The camp is also home to many species of birds, fish and small wildlife. Canoeing and Row-boating activities are a must at CFE. Fresh water fish species will be found in the ponds and river. In addition, some salt-water fish species can be found in the Manatee River. Fishing is allowed. There is a Bouldering Wall for low climbing experiences.  There are 7 campsites available for tent camping.  There are also 5 cabins that will accommodate up to 4 people with electric and bunk beds; no restroom facilities, no a/c and no mattress on bunk beds.There are no RV Campsites.


The camp is approximately 1,280 acres of densely wooded area on the Cecil B. Webb Wildlife Management Area.  The camp is home to many species of birds and wildlife including deer, hogs and alligators.  Canoeing, Row-boating, Kayaking and Sailing activities are a must.  There is a COPE Course along with a 50 ft. climbing tower that may be requested.

PSSR has 2 Camps on the property.  There is Cub Scout Family camp with 11 Cub Family campsites; 5 of these spots can accommodate RVs and Camp Miles with 9 Boy Scout Campsites that will accommodate 800-900 Campers per weekend.  There is an extra charge for RV sites.


Camp Maps -                     Camp Flying Eagle                      Price Sanders Scout Reservation

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