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Every successful Scouting unit has at least one thing in common: camping. Units that thrive are units that have fun outdoors. Their members learn skills that they share with their families, further spreading Scouting’s message of enjoying and respecting our natural resources.

Units are free to schedule camping trips to areas all over Florida, or even outside the state. Southwest Florida Council Honor units do not have to pay a camping fee to use either of our Council's camps for regular weekend camping or day events.

Southwest Florida provides two camping facilities for the use of its Scouts and chartered partners as well as other organizations and agencies. Various fees may apply to centain program activities, so please check the camp usage fee. The facilities vary between the two camps but, both provide a rewarding camping experience. There are swimming pools, large shelters, dining halls, and other outside buildings. Non-council Scout units are welcome and are encouraged to make reservations with Council Service Center as early as possible. This is particularly true if the unit wishes to use the COPE Course which is located at Camp Miles.  To see the relative location of the camps, please see the Council Map.

Non-scouting agencies are welcome to rent the camps when they are available.  Camp Miles has a Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (C.O.P.E.) Course that is available for rent to corporations and civic clubs.

To check for camp availability or to submit your camp reservation please contact Justine Gonzalez at: 239-936-8072 ext. 104 or 800-269-8072 ext 104.  You may also email your request(s) and reservation forms to Justine at:



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