Making reservations for your unit weekend camp out is easy -

1. Determine the weekend your unit wants to camp, verify that the weekend is available, determine the number of your and adults attending.  You MUST reserve your site with the name of an adult who is attending.

2.  Review the Camp Guidelines for policies and Refund Policy.

3.  Review the SWFC Guide for Aquatics, C.O.P.E/Climbing and Shooting.  Review the Age Appropriate Activity guidelines.  Your unit is responsible for having the qualified and trained adult to run the program.  Their training card must be presented in order to participate in the activity.  Don't have anyone trained, you can request that at the time of your reservation.

4.  You can book your reservation after July 1, reservations must be made at-least 2 weeks ahead.

5.  Review the Facility Fees, to verify cost (if any).  Fees are due by Wednesday, prior to arriving.

6.  Make sure that you click on the COMPLETE ORDER button to finalize your reservation.

7.  Any changes can be made by emailing:


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