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"Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle"

The Southwest Florida Council is looking for Eagle Scouts living in our community who are interested in reconnecting with Scouting.  Some local Eagles have moved while many other Eagle Scouts from other parts of the country have relocated to Southwest Florida. We encourage all Eagle Scouts that either live in our area or earned their Eagle award in Southwest Florida to take a moment and click on the Eagle link below, and enter their current contact information.

By joining our Eagle Search campaign, respondents will receive information and invitations to networking and social events specifically for Eagle Scouts.

Eagle Scouts abound by the thousands in our community leading the way in business, government and the nonprofit sector. Through the Eagle Search, the Southwest Florida Council is seeking to reconnect those who trekked the "Trail to Eagle". We look forward to creating unique opportunities for local Eagle Scouts to come together, celebrate their accomplishments, network and share the vital common bond that is represented by their early life achievements.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Please click the Eagle Patch to participate!









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