Help support BSA volunteer and camp facility operations by renewing or purchasing a
“ Scouting Teaches Values” auto license plate.

How do I purchase a specialty license plate to support  the Boy Scouts of America Southwest Florida Council?

When you renew your registration at your local tax collector's office, simply let them know you wish to replace your current license plate with a BSA specialty license plate. If it is not time in your license plate's cycle to replace the metal license plate, you will pay a few additional dollars to switch to a specialty license plate, so the best time to switch is when you're going to have to replace your metal license plate (every ten years). Specialty license plates cost a set fee (annually) above the standard Florida license plate, and the fees vary based on the type of license plate. These additional funds go to support the cause for which the specialty license plate was designed. For more information, see Specialty License Plate Report.   This program has been in place since February 15, 1997 to support local causes in our state.


Why do I have to pay extra every year for a specialty license plate?

The purpose of specialty license plates is to raise funds for a particular cause. Each of the specialty license plates requires an annual use fee of only $20 for the use of the special design license plate. Florida Statutes would have to be amended to change this requirement. The use of a specialty license plate is a voluntary purchase.   There are 9 Boy Scout Councils in the state of Florida all which receive an annual distribution based on the tags renewed in their region of coverage.   


Where does the money for specialty license plates go?

Information on where the money goes from the annual use fees on specialty license plates is available from a number of sources. The Florida Statutes is the most direct information available, however, the Division of Motor Vehicles also provides a Specialty License Plate Report which specifies this information.  The Southwest Florida Council uses any distributions to support volunteer and camp operations.



Thanks for your consideration in possibly making a change that can benefit Scouting in significant manner in our council !  Help us promote Scouting in our community one more way through the Florida State License Program !

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