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Council Pinewood Derby

Council Pinewood Derby
1801 BoyScout Dr.
Ft. Myers, FL 33907, US
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If you came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at your District Pinewood Derby

The BIG day has arrived!

Today is the day that Tigers, Wolfs, Bears, Webelos I and Webelos II will race their cars in the
Southwest Florida Council Pinewood Derby

Check In starts at 9:30 am
Racing starts at 10:45 am and goes until completed
You must race the car that placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the District Derby.
Once racing starts, no cars will be accepted!

Council scales and meaurements are the offical means of weight and size

Judges decissions are FINAL
Arguing with the judges could mean you are disgualified.

The race will take place in the SWFL Council Conference Center.

Official Pinewood Derby Rules

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