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Panther Pinewood Derby

Panther Pinewood Derby
7330 Gladiolus Dr.
Ft. Myers, FL 33908, US
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The Panther District Pinewood Derby race will be held at Lakes Park.  On May 1, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the council service center you can bring your car to be weighed in and measured.  The district scales and box and the official weight and measurement  guides for the race.  Or you may check-in during the times posted below.  All races will start on time and once a race begins, no other cars can be entered.  The judges decisions are final.    

8:00 AM   Tiger check-in and registration  
8:30 AM   Tiger race begins    
8:45 AM   Wolf check-in and registration  
9:10 AM   Wolf race begins    
9:25 AM   Bear check-in and registration  
9:50 AM   Bear race begins    
10:05 AM   Webelos 1 check-in and registration
10:30 AM   Webelos 1 race begins  
10:45 AM   Webelos 2 check-in and registration
11:15 AM   Webelos 2 reace begins  
12:00 PM   District Championship race begins 
(1st Place winners at Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1 &2)
12:30 PM   Awards ceremony    





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