Welcome (back!) to the SWFL Council Popcorn season.
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Online Direct Sales started June 1st and counts towards SWFC Prizes!!!!

Trail’s End Improvements:

  • Unit Leader Portal: NO MORE PAPER UNIT ORDER / PRIZE FORMS!!!  All submissions and tracking are through the Trail’s End system.
  • Benefits: Instant confirmations, constant communication.
  • Now cell-phone web browser friendly, manage from your phone!
  • Trail’s End Prize System: All prizes automatically tracked and direct-to-scout delivered.

Southwest Florida Council’s New Commitments:

  • Council will carry limited inventory AND offer a unit product return AMNESTY DAY!!!!
  • Theme Park Tickets & Top Seller Day continue AS IS!!!!
  • No more paper!!!  Unit registration, Show & Sell order forms, prize forms.
  • Storefront management and booking handled (Over 3,500 hours booked)!


Check out the Resources below!

•          Webinars: Online training of technology, latest features, and best practices

Trail's End How To Videos (click here)

•          Reference Guides: Updated Kernel Guide & Quick Start Guide, Forms and MORE!  

KEY Popcorn Dates

Unit Popcorn Kick-Off (pdf)

Unit Popcorn Kick-Off
(power point)
Unit Program Planner
Unit Kick-Off Parent Handout
Parent Guide Order Form Popcorn Prize Reward Flyer Unit Goal Poster
Scout Worksheet (example)
Script & Tricks Popcorn Business Card Military Donation Business Cards


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