The online training for den leaders, Cubmasters, committee chairs and members, and chartered organization representatives has been totally updated with help from volunteers from around the country. The new training will be divided into shorter, more targeted modules so leaders can get the training they need, in the order they want, any time they need it. The new training is organized around the learning needed prior to the first meeting, in the first 30 days, and to be position-specific trained. This new training was developed to be implemented in conjunction with the BSA’s new learning management system. The anticipated timing for launching this new tool is June 30, 2015. Keep an eye on MyScouting Tools (logging in through ) for more information.

We have made getting the latest information easier; just click on any of the documents below. 

     2015 Cub Adventure Program FAQs                   2015 Program Change Overview

     New 2015 Cub Scout Requirements                   New Cub Scout Program Overview (Power Point)
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     CubMaster/Assist. Cubmaster Training               Pack Committee Training

     Den Leader Specific Training


New Pack Meeting Plans Available Now!

Pack meeting plans for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Cub Scouting years are now available! From the Cubmaster’s Minute to resource lists, you’ll find everything you need to lead fun and engaging pack meetings! And they support the new Cub Scouting program, too! Click here to download the plans.