Southwest Florida CouncilNational Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) Course 

For your convenience, the Southwest Florida Council is planning one NYLT course in 2016 on the following dates:

  January 9, 2016 – Mandatory Orientation

  January 15 - 17, 2016 - (Martin Luther King weekend)

  February 12 - 14, 2016 - (Presidents weekend)


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What is NYLT?

National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action-packed program designed to provide youth members of the Boy Scouts of America with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home troops/crews and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others. NYLT is a six-day course. Content is delivered in a troop/crew and patrol outdoor setting with an emphasis on immediate application of learning in a fun environment. Interconnecting concepts and work process are introduced early, built upon, and aided by the use of mnemonics (memory aids), which allows participants to understand and employ the leadership skills much faster.

Youth leadership training is a three-phase training experience, and a common thread will connect all three phases:

·         Phase One, Troop Leadership Training, begins in the troop/crew with the senior patrol leader/crew president and the Scoutmaster/Advisor conducting the training.

·         Phase Two is the NYLT conducted by council and described here.

·         Phase Three, National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is advanced training, a weeklong experience at Philmont Scout Ranch. See for additional information.

Space in the NYLT course is limited to the first 48 participants so register early.

What is its Purpose?

Scouting recognizes that Scoutmasters/Advisors have the responsibility of training their unit’s junior leaders. The purpose of NYLT is not to assume that role, but to support it. Some of its objectives are:

·         To focus on the concepts of what a leader must BE, what he/she must KNOW and what he/she must DO.

·         To emphasize immediate application of learning in a fun environment.

·         To model a month in the life of an “ideal” troop/crew.

·         To provide each participant with a toolbox of leadership skills consisting of key course concepts.

·         To enhance the relationship between the participant and his/her Scoutmaster/Advisor.

·         To operate according to the Scout Oath and Law.

·         To have fun!

Please remember, NYLT is not designed to improve poor conduct or behavior. It is designed to build leadership skills in youth who already possess leadership skills.


Who May Attend?

Any Scout/Venturer in your troop, team or crew who meets the following requirements is eligible to participate:

·         Boy Scout / Varsity Scouts must be 13 years of age and fall within the maximum age allowance for their program registration. 

·         Venturers must be at least 13 years of age and fall within the maximum age allowance for their program. 

·         Complete Troop Leadership Training (ILST/TLT) (Boy Scouts) or Venturering Leadership Skills (ILSC/VLSC) (Crews).

·         Boy Scouts/Varsity Scouts must be a First Class Scout.

·         Have a unit leader recommendation.

When is NYLT?

NYLT course is scheduled for:

January 9, 2016 – Mandatory Orientation

January 15 - 17, 2016 (Martin Luther King weekend)

February 12 - 14, 2016 (Presidents weekend)

Where is it Held?

NYLT will be held at Camp Miles.

What is the Cost?

The fee for the 2015 National Youth Leadership Training experience is $  . However, a non­refundable reservation fee of $ 75.00 will hold your spot when returned with your completed reserva­tion form. Provisions for a T-shirt, program supplies, and food for weekends will be included in the full fee. Full payment is due by December 17, 2015. Course enrollment is limited to 48 participants.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed?

An equipment list will be sent as part of an information packet to participants when their registration and deposit are received. Most Scouts actively participating in their home troop’s outdoor program should already have the necessary equipment.

Is Health Form required?

All participants are required to submit a valid Personal Heath & Medical Record form. Medical forms are only current for one year.  Submit a copy of your health form during the NYLT Orientation day; please do not send to the council service center.

Are there forms available?

Scoutmaster NYLT Introduction Letter

Where can we get more information?

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Course Director.