Camp Miles

38751 Bermont Road, Punta Gorda, FL, 33982

Camp Miles is comprised of 1,280 acres and is part of the Cecil Webb Wildlife Management area. The reservation includes two facilities: Camp Miles (for Boy Scouts and Explorers) and Cub Family Camp (for Cub Scouts and their families).

Please read and review the Camp Miles Rules and Regulations with all campers prior to camping. 

Camp Mile Rules & Regulations 

Camp Miles Map

Directions to Camp Miles:                                                                                                                 

Camp Miles is part of the Price-Sanders Scout Reservation. The reservation is located on State Road 74, 15 miles east of Punta Gorda and 3 miles west of the intersection of SR 31 and SR 74.

Map Quest Map to Camp Miles

The Price-Sanders Scout Reservation, of which Camp Miles is a part, occupies a section of land one mile wide and two miles deep, on the eastern boundary of the Cecil Webb Wildlife Management Area, in Charlotte county. Within the boundaries of the camp are various types of trees, plants and shrubs that are native to this portion of Florida.

The buildings on the reservation (PSSR) include: a central dining hall, individual troop campsites, a health lodge, a trading post, archery, rifle and shotgun ranges, a chapel by the lake, and ecology lodge, a central heated shower facility, a training lodge, a swimming pool, a boating island for aquatics. 



About C.O.P.E.

Project COPE is an acronym for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. It comprises a series of outdoor challenges, beginning with basic group initiative games and progressing to more complicated low-course and high course activities. Some of the events involve a group effort, whereas others test individual skills and agility. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, and rappel as well as think through solutions to a variety of challenges. Most participants find that they can do much more than they initially thought they could.  The Boy Scouts of America has offered its members an outdoor program stressing personal fitness since its founding in 1910.