Dear Volunteer Scouter:

 The Southwest Florida Council wants your input on your council camp facilities

 A Council Camp Strategic Planning Committee will soon embark upon a study to determine the best use of our camps to meet the needs of our youth and leaders both present and future.  Our focus must be to insure quality outdoor programs with quality camp facilities that are financially self-sustainable are in place for our next generation of Scouts and leaders.  

 The first and most important aspect as we begin the strategic plan process is to get feedback from our volunteers as to what they would like to see in their camp programs and facilities.

 Quality camp facilities play a key role in helping us achieve the mission of the Boy Scouts of America.   Your input in this process is most important as we embark upon this Journey to Excellence to determine how we can maximize our council camp facilities and resources in the best interest of Scouting.  Please complete the attached survey and email back to ASAP. You may also complete and mail a hard copy to the SWFL Council, 1801 Boy Scout Dr., Fort Myers, Fl. 33907 Attn: SWFL Camp Facility Survey

 * All surveys must include leader name, position and unit # to be included in results.

 When completed, a full report will be available on the council website for your review.  The general timeline from start to finish for the strategic plan process will be 8-12 months.  The results of this study will then be forwarded to the Executive Board of the Southwest Florida Council for review.


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