Southwest Florida Council2017 Popcorn Sales


Units and Scouts can fund the ENTIRE YEAR OF SCOUTING with just ONE fundraising idea:  SELL SCOUT POPCORN!  It's easy, it's fun, and you get to keep up to 28% as profit to make this year your ideal year of Scouting!

Hurricane Irma Revised Date Schedule

Thursday, November 30 - Unit Sale Ends
Monday, December 4 - Unit Take Order Forms submitted to Trails End System by 12 pm
Saturday, December 16 - Popcorn Distribution to Units.  Prize Orders Due.
Friday, January 12, 2018 - Show and Sell & Take Order Invoice Payments Due in Council Office

    Unit Kickoff Checklist                                         Take Order Form - Unit Checklist
    Unit Sale Checklist                                             Take Order App - Unit Set up Inst.
    Unit Reference Guide                                        Take Order App - Scout Inst.
    Unit Kickoff Presentation
    Kickoff Best Practices                                     FORMS
    Unit Goal Poster                                                  Unit Committment Form
    Path to Advancement                                          Show and Sell Commitment Form
    2016 Military Overview                                        Take Order Form
    Scout Goal Poster                                               Unit Master Prize Order Form
    Online Selling Info Handout                                 Mega Corn Order Form
    Scout Sales Script / Selling Tips Cards               $1,200 Top Seller Form
    Sell 30 Customers Tips                                       $2,500 College Scholarship Enrollment Form
    Successful Storefront Sale
    Trails-End Scout Checklist                                BUSINESS CARDS
    Top Gun Club Prizes                                             Military Donation Business Cards
    Trails-End Registration Webpage Creation           Scout Future Online Sales Cards
                                                                                   Scout Thank You Business Cards
    Participation Patch
    Military Patch
    One of Each Patch
    Online Patch
    Sellers Club Patch
    Top Seller Patch



1.     Pay for your whole year’s Scouting program with just one popcorn sale.

2.     Cover all your Unit’s activities and supplies with the commission you get from Popcorn.

3.     Get more parents excited in your Unit’s Scouting program by eliminating their out-of-pocket

4.     Increase your Unit and Council income – 72% stays local.

5.     Boost a boy’s future – Scouts can qualify for Trail’s End Scholarships for college and other
        post-high school education by selling popcorn.

6.     Teach boys how great it feels to pay their own way in Scouting. Boy Scouts can earn related Merit
         Badges and Cub Scouts earn related achievement awards.

7.     It is a quality product, two out of three people buy Trail’s End when asked, and nine out of ten
        people will buy again.

8.     Give Scouts the “Ideal Year of Scouting”. Plan your entire year, budget all the costs, and raise the
        money you need in just a few weeks in the fall.

9.   Troops & Packs that are financially sound spend more time and energy providing a fun and
       challenging year-round program.

The annual Popcorn sale is much more than just a fundraiser for your Council. More than 70% of every dollar earned goes back into your Scouting program - at both the unit and Council levels. Even the dollars earned by the Council become part of your Scouting program. Whether it is maintaining the camps or providing the unit and Program support that is essential to Quality Scouting in the Southwest Florida Council – all stays in your Scouting program! Since 1981 Scouts have raised more than $1 billion to support their Scouting programs!